What is Real - Caller?

Real - Caller is global phone directory with instant phone number lookup .

Is Real Caller free?

Yes ,its free to download Real Caller and use It. However, you may need to pay for additional services such as People Lookup.

which Mobile platforms Real Caller is available ?

Currently Real Caller Is Available on Apple ios version 7.0 or later and Android version 2.3 or later

I live in italy Can I use the app ?

Sure, the app is available for all countries, networks, and platforms.

How do I activate the app?

Once you download and launch the app, android users should receive a pin code. Just enter the pin ..you are in! Apple users will be automatically registered .

I Have android Device ,I didn't receive a Pin code , what should I do?

1- First make sure you have internet connectivity on your device .2- Check Settings > notifications > Real - Caller . Enable push notification.3- In the app, Hit Retry Button and wait few minutes. You will receive the pin again .

Can I have a backup for my recent search?

Yes. All your recent seaches will be saved on your device only ! and you can use it in offline mode

Is it possible to search for a name and get a phone number?

Yes, if the phone number is available for the public.

Can I hide my phone Number from the directory?

Yes, you are able to hide your number by navigate to delist view.,Enter your phone number, press delist button.you should receive success message and your number no longer visible

How many Phone numbers can I delist?

Each user can only delist 1 phone number. per single device

I have android device, does Real - Caller show me real-time caller id?

Yes, when the app is running in background, it will display for you the caller id for all incoming calls and sms if the name available in Real Caller Directory

Does the app save my personal info?

No. We don't save any personal info

Does Real - Caller store any passwords?

No, we don't store any passwords such as mails or social networks.And we don't save,access any credit cards info.

How do I add my number to Real - Caller?

Go to contact us and choose show my number . Note: You have to verify your ownership by sending single regular sms to our directory